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Alarm Clock - Calendar

Clear Grass CGD1 APP Control Bluetooth 5.0 Thermometer Hygrometer LCD Screen Adjustable Nightlight Alarm Clock Calendar. Ships in 24 hours

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- Simple Buttonless Design

The product can be pressed as a whole, which realizes no button function, and the operation is very interesting. The internal design of the silicone base has a comfortable pressing feel and a simple appearance design, which can be well integrated in various places in the home.

- Custom Personalized Alarm Clock

Each time you connect your phone via Bluetooth, the time is automatically synchronized and you can easily set the time. You can set 16 groups of alarm clocks, and each group of alarm clocks can be set for snooze function, which is very simple. 8 ringtones optional.

- Temperature And Humidity Display

Using Swiss Sensirion sensor, the temperature measurement accuracy is ± 0.2 ℃, the humidity measurement accuracy is ± 2% RH, and the temperature and humidity changes are sensitively sensed.

- Tap To Light The Night Light

Press the alarm clock, the backlight turns on, you can check the time clearly even at night.

- Adjust The Backlight At Any Time

The intensity of the backlight can be adjusted in different periods, and the duration of the backlight can also be adjusted, from completely off to 30 seconds.

- Comfortable Smart Little Housekeeper

Cooperate with other Mijia equipment to realize automatic adjustment of indoor temperature and humidity. For example: if the temperature is lower than 20 ℃, the heater will be turned on automatically.

Specification :

BrandClear Grass (XIAOMI Cooperation Brand)
Material Plastic
Colour Blue / Green White
Weight 106g
Size 80.3 x 41 x 83mm
Screen Size61 x 61mm
Temperature Range-9.9℃~49.9℃
Humidity Range0~99.9%
Battery2 x AA Batteries(Not Include)
Alarm16 Set
Date DisplayDay / Month / Year 
Date Language DisplayEnglish or Chinese (Optional)
Temperature DisplaySupport 
Humidity DisplaySupport 
APP Control (Support temperature and humidity linkage with other devices)
Customize Alarm Repeat ModeSupport
Snooze FunctionSupport
Backlight Duration Adjustment Off-On For 30 Seconds
Backlight Brightness AdjustmentSupport
Alarm Volume AdjustmentSupport
Alarm ReplacementSupport

Package Includes :

1 x Bluetooth Alarm Clock