Beautiful Artificial Lavender Stem with UV resistant material for lasting outdoor beauty. 32cm in length for an impressive display. Perfect for Artificial Gardening. For shipping cost, email:

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An elegant artificial purple lavender that is perfect for adding into an artificial green wall, or creating your very own floral arrangement in a vase or pot.

Instant Beautification
Suitable for indoors and outdoors
RealTex technology to ensure realism
Fast Delivery
Hand-assembled to ensure durability and quality

This elegant artificial lavender stem replicates the Impress Lavender which is known for striking purple flowers and dark green foliage. Designed with realism in mind, you won’t be disappointed in the stunning faux foliage. Whether you are looking to add a touch of colour to an artificial green wall or create your very own floral arrangement this stem is a great choice for a modern and elegant arrangement.


Faux Plant Stem Size: 32cm long x 16cm wide
Weight: Approximately 100 grams
Usage: Indoors / Outdoors
Cleaning Instructions: Apply and use artificial plant cleaner and wipe leaves using a cloth.

Package Content:

1 x Artificial Lavender Stem (Impress Lavender) UV Resistant 32cm

Item Length (cm)20
Item Width (cm)20
Item Height (cm)40